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March 19, 2022

Clever Ways to Decorate Your Rented Home So It Serves Your Needs

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Clever Ways to Decorate Your Rented Home So It Serves Your Needs


If you’re committed to staying in your apartment or rental house for the foreseeable future, you need it to be a comfortable oasis that fosters health and relaxation. And if your interior is a little outdated or doesn’t currently accommodate your needs, there are simple strategies for fixing it. Whether you are working remotely, keeping the kids at home, or want a living space that allows you to entertain, consider these home decor ideas from Key Brokers:


Create a Distraction-Free Workspace   


Working from home is challenging enough, but it can be incredibly difficult when a family stays home throughout the day. That’s why it is so essential to craft a workspace that helps you eliminate distractions.


If you do not have a spacious bedroom or large closet, consider adding a partition that separates your workspace from the other living areas. And make sure you have all the equipment you need, including a desk with plenty of surface area, an ergonomic chair, and any electronic gear necessary for your daily tasks. Creating a productive home office will also help you achieve effective time management! Here is an in-depth guide.


Paint the Walls and Trim


Perhaps the cheapest and quickest way to transform your home’s interior is to paint the walls and trim. You will need to get your landlord’s permission, but as long as you do the job well and are willing to paint it back to the original color after moving out, you will likely have no problem! Just be extra careful to avoid spilling the paint so that you don’t have repairs to make afterward.


Upgrade the Lighting


It’s typical for a rented home to have outdated lighting. Fortunately, this is an easy fix! Shop for light-colored lampshades that can spruce up your lamps, and look into adding subtle touches of string lighting throughout the home. You can also replace existing light fixtures with more modern ones and put in LED light bulbs to brighten up the space and conserve energy. Adding mirrors to a room is an excellent way to make the space brighter and bigger.


Replace the Window Treatments      


As with lighting, many apartments and rental homes have outdated blinds which can easily be replaced. Look to more attractive window treatments such as curtains and drapes that will liven up your space. You could even make your curtains with a roll of muslin linen or another type of fabric; along with saving you money, this could be a fun project!


Put Up Art


If your landlord is like many others, they are kind of picky about how many nail holes you put into the wall. Fortunately, there are several ways you can hang artwork without using any nails. For example, you can hand hard with command strips or hooks, lean it against a wall or mantel, hang it from your molding, or even make a space for it on your bookshelf. For the ultimate artsy experience, consider placing art on an easel and making it the focal point of your living room or bedroom!


Use Multipurpose Furniture


When you live in any small space, it’s essential to maximize the space in each room. You can easily work with your current layout to create a home that keeps you comfortable and accommodates your entertainment purposes.


You could opt for a chair that converts into a bed, go with a traditional sleeper sofa, or invest in a coffee table that has a built-in side table and armchair. If you work from home, you might benefit from getting a standing laptop desk that also serves as a breakfast tray. There are even multi-functional folding tables that you can use for meals, working, and countless other activities.


There is no shortage of home refresh ideas to try if you are committed to staying in your rental property for the long term. Consider the thoughts above as you plan out your interior design revival, and keep researching other ways that you can pump some life into your home without risking your security deposit. In no time, you’ll be happier and healthier than ever in your living environment!



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